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Abstract Electric, LLC is a BBB Accredited Electrician in Claremore, OK
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Q: What does it cost to install, re-wire, troubleshoot Etc.

A: It is extremely difficult to provide pricing over the phone because every situation is different and everyone's home is different. We have a one hour minimum charge plus materials and bill on the quarter hour after that. Some providers offer up front pricing. Which sounds great because you know exactly what it costs when the technician comes to your home. Most people don't realize they are paying as much as 300% of what it would actually cost to have us come and do it by the hour.  Example: Where a standard service call may cost $125.00.  Some of our competitors using up front pricing charge over $325.00.

Q: My house has fuses are they safe?

A; Yes fuses are safe when properly sized.  The Majority homes built pre-1960 have fuses, and most of the time when inspecting fuse boxes we find that someone has installed fuses rated to blow at a higher amperage than the wire it's self is rated for. Older homes will use #14 gauge wire which is rated for 15 Amps for lighting and #12 gauge rated 20 amps for receptacles. With higher electrical demands these days people often install 20 amp and 30 amp fuses respectively. This causes the wire to overheat and can cause a fire. NEVER put oversized fuses in your fuse box if you aren't sure Call the A-Team 918-343-5843 we can help!

Q: My outlet outside stopped working and I called another electrician, the guy spent like 5 minutes looking around the house, did something and got it to work. Did I get ripped off?

A: This is a tricky one but the answer is no, He did after all have the expense of driving to your home, investigating the problem and fixing it. So a Service fee was certainly warranted. However had you called Abstract Electric we may have been able to help you resolve a simple problem over the phone.  

Q: My lights blink every time the air conditioner kicks on do I need more power?

A: Well that could be a possibility but it could be as simple as tightening a loose connection.  Loose connections create resistance which in turn causes a higher amp draw. Left unchecked it can cause costly damage. Abstract Electric can inspect your entire electrical system and point out any future problems you may have. If we find something such as a loose connection we"ll fix it on the spot. For more costly issues we can reccomend a correction and then we weill leave it up to you! No High pressure sales needed.

Q: I am buying a house and my realtor says I need an EMP Inspection is this really needed?

A:  We tell every customer YES! most definitely get an Electrical,Mechanical and Plumbing inspection. Our only advise it to seek an independant home inspector. It's been our experience that an inspector you hire will scrutinize a home more thoroughly than one used by realtors. Also when hiring an inspector you should check with local and state authorities to see of they are liable for any items they might overlook.

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