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Summer is here don't have a melt down!

Published by Steve Thurman in Customer Information · 28/5/2014 22:44:50
Tags: Don'tNeglectYourhome.

With the arrival of Summer also comes the arrival of problems caused by overheating. Some of the most common overheating problems like A/C wiring and disconnects melting and shorting out or circuit breakers tripping are caused by things as simple as loose connections. These can be easily avoided with annual maintenance.

I know, I know how can some thing that is not mechanical or moving need maintenance? What you may not realize is that wiring connections do move and the environment they are in is constantly moving with the changes in temperature or seasons. Wiring connections especially loose ones create heat through resistance causing the wiring to expand and contract making poor connections worse. Even to the point where there is no connection at all. This same resistance and heat build up can cause circuit breakers to trip as well. What we in the electrcial field refer to as "nuisance tripping."
Nuisance trips are just that, a nuisance because they trip in the middle of the night or when it is 110 degrees in the shade and my favorite, the breaker for the freezer you just spent $300 stocking trips on Friday right after you have left to go to the lake for the weekend. When you arrive back home on Sunday evening to a huge puddle of water in your garage and the smell of rotting 1" thick T-Bones.
While problems with overheating can still happen at some point costly repairs can be reduced with a simple inspection of your electrical connections and panel in the spring to summer time frame to locate small problems before they become huge. Think of it as a yearly physical for your home.

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